Sunday, January 4, 2009

Storing Odorless Mineral Spirits

My friend Julie asked about using odorless mineral spirits and prismacolor pencils for coloring stamped images. There are lots of tutorials out there that show how to color and blend and shade, but I told her I'd show how I store my OMS. It's not the prettiest set-up but it works for me. LOL

I cleaned out an old jar of nail polish remover. Any jar will work as long as it has a spill-proof lid. I put a couple of round sponges in the jar and then just pour enough OMS in the jar to barely cover the bottom and keep the sponges saturated. The sponges will soak up the OMS. Then when I'm ready to use it, I dip my blending stump into the sponge. A bottle of OMS will go a LONG way. I've had mine over a year and still have a lot left.

I keep my pencils, blending stumps, sandpaper (for sanding the stumps in between colors) in a mini tote from AMM. There's even a pocket on one side that keeps my pencil sharpener handy.

So when I need to color, I just grab the little jar and the tote and I'm ready to go! I have been in a frenzy all weekend with organizing my craft room/office. I am exhausted but I hope to post some pics on my personal blog later today!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU RACHEL!! I have to play with this now. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!!!

Linda F. said...

Great storage idea! I bought one of the little (read: expensive) bottles of the Gamsol at a stamp convention 2 years ago. I still haven't used it all up and I have a full container of the Mona Lisa stuff in my stash! Guess I'll never have to worry about running out at the rate I use this stuff.
Here's a question: What's the difference between blending solution (like the Tim Holtz stuff or Dove Blender) and OMS? If it's the same stuff. I really have a lot! LOL!!